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This body of work is inspired by quilts and quilters such as Bisa Butler, Timna Tarr, and my grandmother. I have found that intricate stitching and embroidery in larger quilts can be just as interesting as the piece in its entirety. By repurposing paper products such as old or misprinted photos and forgotten magazines, I hope to recreate this sentiment in my work. Each cut piece varies from the next, in the same way that cut patterned fabric does. As a color corrector in a print lab, I spent the past summer agonizing over skin tones, attempting to find the right colors. With this body of work, I look to free myself from the idea that one hue is right or wrong, but rather each color can be perceived differently depending on a variety of factors; lighting, viewing angle, or a person’s eyesight may all change the comprehension of a single pixel's color/hue. In this body of work, I combine these pieces in a way that forces viewers to explore perspective to examine the full picture, or alternatively the details of a single block.

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Unmasked, 2021
Collage On Painted Canvas
20" x 20"

Window to the Soul, 2021
Collage On Painted Canvas
30" x 30"


Behind the Curtain, 2021
Collage On Painted Canvas
20" x 20"

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